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Ashley Kaldenberg

Peony Root Preorder-Gardenia

Peony Root Preorder-Gardenia

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This is a preorder. Your peony root order will ship or be available for pickup in October and will need to be planted in the fall for best success. 

Gardenia (Herbaceous) is a fantastic blush/white peony! Wildly familiar with its beautiful double petals. 

All peonies will be 3/5 eye or better. Peonies love full sun. They bloom late spring/early summer. Perfect for zones 3-7. (Iowa is zone 5) 


1-3 roots: $18

4+ roots: $25 

We have a farm pickup option. That date will be announced closer to October.  Please select "Local Farm Pickup"

We also have a Northern Iowa pickup option. You need to select shipping and you WILL be charged shipping at the time of payment. IF you are able to pickup during the Northern Iowa pickup time (to be determined closer to October) your shipping will be refunded at that time. This way if you're unable to pickup during the time we'll just ship your order out. 

**Because this is a preorder we cannot guarantee 100% that we will receive every variety. IF for some reason we cannot fulfill your order as ordered we will reach out to you offering a substitute offering of equal or greater value. 



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